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Nalecz Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering PAS announces the supplementary recruitment to Doctoral School of Information and Biomedical Technologies Polish Academy of Sciences

  Important dates:        
  08.06.2020       Start of the recruitment procedure
  08.06.2020 – 30.06.2020       documents submission (I stage)
  01.07.2020 – 31.07.2020        recruitments reviews (II stage)
  07.08.2020       announcement of recruitment results

Projects Titles


  1. Supporting the detection of precancerous lesions in cytological smears using image recognition methods based on deep neural networks learning.
    Supervisor: Assoc. prof. Anna Korzyńska, PhD
  2. 3-D delineation of cell’s nuclei in WSI Z-stack sequences for computer aided pathology.
    Supervisor: Assoc. prof. Anna Korzyńska, PhD
  3. Optimization of vasopressor dose in severe traumatic brain injuries using pulse-wave propagation modeling.
    Supervisor: Assoc. prof. Jan Poleszczuk, PhD
  4. Assessment of brain physiological parameters using invasive near infrared spectroscopy technique.
    Supervisor: Prof. Adam Liebert
    co-supervisor: Piotr Sawosz, PhD
  5. Arterial spin labeling, diffuse correlation spectroscopy, time resolved near infrared spectroscopy - badania nad metodyką oceny ukrwienia kory mózgowej.
    Supervisor: Prof. Adam Liebert
    Supervisor: Assoc. prof, Piotr Bogorodzki PhD
    co-supervisor: Michał Kacprzak, PhD
  6. The role of interstitium and its properties in the tissue transport processes: modeling, prediction and optimization of selected therapies.
    Supervisor: Prof. Jacek Waniewski
    co-supervisor: Joanna Stachowska-Piętka, PhD
  7. Bioinformatics methods in analysis of medical databases.
    Supervisor: Assoc. prof. Małgorzata Dębowska, PhD
    co-supervisor: Mauro Pietribiasi, PhD
  8. Semi-automatic NMR spectra analysis of biofluids and tissue extracts for metabolomics.
    Supervisor: Assoc. prof. Beata Toczyłowska, PhD
    co-supervisor: Igor Zukov, PhD
    co-supervisor: med. Anna Słowikowska, PhD
  9. Analysis of metabolic profiles of biofluids in selected diseases.
    Supervisor: Assoc. prof. Beata Toczyłowska, PhD
  10. Study on the interaction of thiopurines with DNA using nanostructured bio-platforms.
    Supervisor: Assoc. prof. Kamila Sadowska, PhD
    co-supervisor: Marcin Urbanowicz, PhD
  11. Synchronized registration of instantaneous values of chosen physiological parameters during therapeutic thoracentesis, and their mathematical and physiological analysis
    Supervisor: Tomasz Gólczewski, PhD, Dsc
    Co-supervisor: Krzysztof Zieliński, PhD
  12. Nanoscaffolds for biosystems supporting biological processes for biomedical purposes
    Supervisor: Prof. Ludomira Granicka, PhD, Dsc
    Co-supervisor: Anna Grzeczkowicz, PhD





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